Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thing # 23 My Thoughts on 23 Things

Thank the dear Lord that I am finally finished....YEAH!!!!I have to admit that I did learn a lot of cool things like Image Generator and Flickr. I was amazed at what people put on the internet for all to see. YouTube was an eye opener... Some of the videos were good while others were trash! My 13 yr. old daughter is begging me to allow her on this website....NOT A CHANCE!! Not until she is older!!!

My two major stumbling blocks were time and my computer at work... I did most of the 23 things on my computer at home because my work computer is from the dark ages..... I realize that I could have used a computer in the pac but they were usually filled with customers (my computer doesn't even have a place to use headphones). The time issue..I am part time and most of my time is filled with desk time and story time. Planning 12 story times takes a lot of work and time. I did do some 23 things on the desk but I had to stop continuously because I needed to help the customers. So I mostly did it at home.

I am sort of glad that I did 23 Things because I did learn a lot.... I also taught my daughters some of the things that I learned. If I had more time at work and a better computer, I would have enjoyed it more. Would I do this again? If it was mandatory..yes, if not it depends on my work load and my computer..(I am suppose to get a new one very soon)... Even with all my obstacles, I did finish...... Yeah me!!!

I probably will go back to some sites and go into more detail.... but I feel that even with some frustration I did learn what is out there on the internet.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thing # 22 Learn about Audiobooks

Downloading books takes up a lot of room on your MP3 player... even though when you are finish you can delete it....but you also need enough room and if you have a lot of songs on your player, you may not have enough room to download a book.... I searched netlibrary and gutenberg but did not find any books to down load that interest me. I could not go into overdrive because my computer at work did not have the appropriate flash... (nothing new computer is from the dark ages). So I will try overdrive at home and see what I come up with. I also realize that I could download a book to my computer but when I sit at my computer I am usually doing something that needs my attention and I would not be concentrating on the book.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thing # 21 Tools for Locating Podcasts

After looking at many podcasts I finally went to the Merlin site and found the Denver Public Library Podcast. There were several podcasts of children's books. Great idea... A child can get the book out of the library and follow along with the podcast... like have a book on tape....It also gave a brief summary of the book before the podcast so you could see if you want to listen/read the book... I do not think I will attempt to make a podcast.... Both my daughters have made one on garageband on our appple computer...I am not as brave.....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thing # 20 Your Tube

I am glad that I viewed You Tube. I could not believe some of the videos on this site.. All I can say is that my 13 yr old will not be viewing this site for quite some time. I thought that a lot of the videos were garbage. I just can not believe that so many people view the "garbage" videos... I really can not see using this for application at the library....unless I did not choose the right categories..... I like this particular video... My whole family loves High School Musical......

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thing # 19 Site from the Web 2.0 Awards LIst

Wow... who knew there was so many sites...... I like Peertrainer.. I am going to explore that more..maybe it will help me lose weight.... (Please...).. I also went to Utube... My daughter has been begging for me to let her go on it....NO!!!!!! Not without me looking over her shoulder... Craigslist was interesting.... you can do a lot on that site..... Pandora was interesting.... I have to show my daughter that site.. She loves music and it makes a "radio station" with songs from your favorite singer.... I only looked at these few but I plan on looking at several other sites when I have more time....I am not sure that I would use any of these sites in my work setting....I must think about that....

Thing # 18 Online Productivity Tools

I like these applications because now I can write a document and save it to the web and work on it at home if I need to finish or make corrections.... (since I have different software at home). Also it seems to be quite easy to use...I had no trouble at all... I LIKE that!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thing # 17 SandBox wiki

After many attempts I finally added my blog to the HCL list of blogs.... I was getting very frustrated but it finally worked... I also added a page where I listed some of my favorite books...It is nice to see that all the other Maryland Libraries are doing the 23 Things...... I wonder if they started before us because it seems that most of the other counties have more blogs on the favorite blog list... Now it is time to move on to Thing # 18.... The end is near......